Empty Map after rosrun map_server map_saver

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I have installed ROS fuerte on Ubuntu 10.04 and using USARSim simulator on windows 7

64 bit PC. And using UsarsimRos from git clone git://git.assembla.com/usarsim.git

command list

  1. Start-up roscore

  2. rosbag record -O mylaserdata.bag /lms200 /tf

INFO 1383223128.547387984: Subscribing to /lms200

INFO 1383223128.548429961: Subscribing to /tf

INFO 1383223128.549742465: Recording to mylaserdata.bag.

WARN 1383223128.549933629: Less than 5GB of space free on disk with mylaserdata.bag.active

  1. Start-up USARSim on the windows pc environment started in usarsim

  2. Start-up the ROS interface, roslaunch usarsim_inf usarsim.launch(robot placed in environment)

5.Run the tele-op keyboard which should allow you to drive the robot around.:

$ rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard teleop_twist_keyboard.py

6.$ rosrun gmapping slam_gmapping scan:=lms200 _odom_frame:=odom

  1. rosbag play mylaserdata.bag

successfully completed.

  1. rosrun map_server map_saver


Before map_server utility begin I have captured the screenshots Initial Position rviz

image description

Laser scan is ok

image description

Odometry is wrong initially

image description

Odometry is corrected as below

image description

TF status warning no transform from /GndTruth to /map

image description

TF tree

image description

map.yaml file

image: map.pgm

resolution: 0.050000

origin: [-100.000000, -100.000000, 0.000000]

negate: 0

occupied_thresh: 0.65

free_thresh: 0.196

Image size is 15.3 MB

Thanks in advance

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