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MoveIt uses FCL for Collision Detection. This library definitely supports returning the closest-point coordinates you're interested in. See fcl::distance() and fcl::DistanceResult. I've used this library independently from MoveIt to retrieve closest-point pairs by scanning through different combinations of STL mesh data. It works great, and is really fast!

However, looking through the MoveIt code, I don't think you can get distance pairs "out of the box" with the current design. You can get collision contact points and a scalar value for the minimum distance between non-contacting parts, but not the closest-distance points you're looking for.

See the MoveIt wiki for info on how to Retrieve Contact Info. That example checks for self-collisions, but a similar call is used for robot/world collision checks. The result of this call is a CollisionResult, which contains a scalar distance field and a list of Contact data that specifies collision points. If we dig into the MoveIt collision detection code, we see that the FCL distance check is called here using a default fcl::DistanceRequest object. This default request does not include the nearest-point calculations (only the scalar distance). And MoveIt only saves the closest distance value, as seen here.

So, it looks to me like you're going to need to call the FCL library directly to perform the distance checks you're looking for. That being said, the MoveIt developers are fairly responsive, and may be able to add the functionality you're looking for. Your best bet will be to send an email to the MoveIt Developer's List, as they follow that list closer than this website.