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It looks like rviz compiled against a different copy of librviz.dylib, than the one being dynamically loaded at /opt/ros/groovy/lib/librviz.dylib.

What is the output of rospack find rviz and how did you install/build groovy from source, did you intentionally install it to /opt/ros/groovy or did you have an older version in /opt/ros/groovy and you are running it from a local installation?

More generically, that error means the executable rviz is looking for the _GetCurrentProcess symbol in the librviz.dylib dynamic library, but it is not in there. That symbol comes from the OS X Cocoa framework, which you have to link against at build time or you get a linkedit error. That should be fixed in rviz currently, see:

That makes me think that you might have different versions of rviz the executable and librviz.dylib the library.