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In order to properly debug this problem more information is required. Please post information on what version/release of ROS you are running as well as a full list of the launch files along with any error messages.

Looking at the original information. So far here are my guess as to what might be wrong:

  • I agree that it looks like the 3d_sensor.launch was not run. However I bet that when the 3dsensor.launch is run there is an error message that goes flying by that you are missing. Please scroll through the window and post a screenshot of any red/error text when launching.
  • Also another cause might be that you just have a revision of ROS that was broken, at one point in groovy I encountered a bug which you could not get camera data caused by openni, the solution is to do an apt-get update on ROS.
  • Are you running rviz remotely on desktop or locally on the turtlebot? Do you have your ROS IP set correctly? This might also be a problem.