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Thanks for your answer!

Sooo the bag file wasn't done by myself & the people who generated it are far far away ;)

So I ran the bag: rosbag play 2012-08-10-17-32-31.bag

And in an other terminal I displayed the list of the working topics:

rostopic list /clock /diagnostics /rosout /rosout_agg /septentrio/SbfAttCovEuler_1_0 /septentrio/SbfAttEuler_1_0 /septentrio/SbfBaseLine_1_0 /septentrio/SbfBaseVectorGeod_1_0 /septentrio/SbfDOP_2 /septentrio/SbfEndOfAtt_1_0 /septentrio/SbfEndOfPVT_1_0 /septentrio/SbfGeoCorrections_1_0 /septentrio/SbfPVTGeodetic_2_1 /septentrio/SbfPVTResiduals_2_1 /septentrio/SbfPosCovGeodetic_1_0 /septentrio/SbfPvtSatCartesian_1_0 /septentrio/SbfRAIMStatistics_2_0 /septentrio/SbfVelCovGeodetic_1_0 /tf /velodyne_nodelet_manager/bond /velodyne_packets /velodyne_points

Sooo everything looks fine

Then I did what is proposed in the question #33072: rosrun pcl_ros pointcloud_to_pcd input:=/velodyne_points

And, magicaly, I became all the PCD file I needed! Thanks again for your answer!