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If it helps, the TurtleBot2 has a much better power system and can auto-recharge.

Other than that:

1) Yes, it is possible to replace the netbook with a single-board computer. We do not ship with one by default because it's a higher barrier for entry for new Linux & ROS users, but it's quite possible. However, if you're working with Kinect data, we suggest something faster than a Raspberry Pi (even if you're only using pointcloud_to_laserscan and transmitting the scan). I know that @Tully (among others) got ROS running on a RasPi, but it can't do much on that board.

2) Yes, the Xtion is known to work. It's not the "default" sensor for TurtleBots because the Kinect is cheaper and we're really trying to make these robots as economical as possible.