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I couldn't get this working either. I looked through the source and it seems that there is a bug in the graspitGUI.cpp code for loading plugins on the command line. The problem is here starting at line 155 in graspitGUI.cpp:

//look for plugins of the form plugin:name in the arguments
for (int i=1; i<argc; i++) {
QString arg(argv[i]);
if (arg.section(',',0,0)=="plugin") {
  QString libName = arg.section(',',1,1);
  std::cout << "Processing arguments \n ";
  PluginCreator* creator = PluginCreator::loadFromLibrary(libName.toStdString());     
  if (creator) {
  } else {
    DBGA("Failed to load plugin: " << libName.latin1());

This shows that "if (arg.section(',',0,0)=="plugin")" and "QString libName = arg.section(',',1,1);" are actually looking for an argument of the form "plugin,name" versus "plugin:name"

So, just change your argument to "plugin,name" to get it to run for now I guess... Or, recompile with the commas replaced with colons.