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There are several issues:

1) The inference returns object classes ("citrus fruits can usually be found in kitchens"), the visualization needs concrete object instances that have a position ("THAT lemon in THIS kitchen"). You can't visualize "a citrus fruit".

2) ERROR: Undefined procedure: add_object/3 ERROR: However, there are definitions for: ERROR: mod_vis:add_object/2

means that there is no predicate add_object that accepts three arguments, only one that accepts two. Like most other programming languages, Prolog doesn't allow you to just add arguments to a predicate call (what is it supposed do with them?)

3) ERROR: Undefined procedure: display_informations_for/3 ERROR: However, there are definitions for: ERROR: mod_vis:display_information_for/2

is an obvious typo. Please do at least read the error messages before asking.