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The solution is to set the camera pitch and camera height both in /base_link -> /camera tranformation and in "_camera_height:=1.57" and "_camera_pitch:=-0.08" properties:

To test:

export GSCAM_CONFIG="multifilesrc location=\"/home/aldo/Documents/visual_odometry/libviso2/2010_03_09_drive_0019/I1_%06d.png\" index=0 num-buffers=-1  caps=\"image/png,framerate=\(fraction\)19/10\" ! videorate framerate=19/10 ! pngdec ! ffmpegcolorspace"
roscd gscam
cd bin
rosrun gscam gscam &
rosrun image_proc image_proc /image_raw:=gscam/image_raw /camera_info:=gscam/camera_info &

roscd tf
./bin/static_transform_blisher 0 0 1 -1.57079633 0.0 -1.65079633 /base_link /camera 50 &

roscd viso2_ros
rosrun vi2_ros mono_odometer _camera_height:=1.57 _camera_pitch:=-0.08 _ransac_iters:=2000 _inlier_threshold:=0.00001 _motion_threshold:=100.0 /image:=image_rect_color /camera_info:=gscam/camera_info