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Thanks for you interest in that package. You just made me create some documentation on the wiki page. It should give you a high-level overview of what designators are and how their interface looks like. For examples on how to use them, have a look at the source code of the package cram_plan_library in the stack cram_highlevel. Packages that implement specialized location resolution mechanisms in that stack are:

  • location_costmap: provides basic functionality to construct costmaps for sampling location designator solutions.

  • semantic_map_costmap: uses Knowrob's semantic map to generate costmaps for generating poses on, in etc. objects in the semantic map, e.g. on the counter top.

  • occupancy_grid_costmap: provides a simple implementation for poses to see and to reach specific poses by using the 2d map provided by navigation for inferring locations the robot can navigate to.