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I'm not entirely sure that I understand your question, but this sounds like exactly the kind of thing that launch files are used for. Using a launch file you could easily launch all of the nodes that you are interested in, automatically start a new roscore if one is needed, and control the inputs and outputs for each individual node (if for example you wanted each node to launch in a different terminal window). All of this could be accomplished with a single call to roslaunch. Here is a minimalist example that may do approximately what you want:

  <!-- start first node and roscore if needed: -->
  <node pkg="teleop_twist_keyboard" name="keyboard_control" 
    type="" output="screen"
    respawn="true" launch-prefix="xterm -rv -e" />
  <!-- start second node: -->
  <node pkg="irobot_create_2_1" name="irobot_driver"
    type="" output="screen" />

Note that I have used the launch-prefix tag in the first node entry to force the node to open in a new xterm window. More about launch files can be found here and available XML tags here