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Have you tried Blender 2.49b? You can still download it from their website.

Im not much into ROS but I am into Blender so I thought I give an answer too. Since after 2.49b Blender has rewritten it's API all anew. Which meant that all fan-made exporter/importer had to be rewritten as well. This resulted into some exporter/importer to be removed from the system or to be incomplete. Though I'd like to know why you want to use the .dae format? Is there a particular reason? You can also group and texture perfectly fine with .obj (Lightwave obj) and .mtl that comes with it. The format even supports curves and vertex grouping (not only object grouping like collada does) and it's more supported by other 3D softwares than collada is (even to this date when collada is becoming "trendy"). I do believe the latest version of Blender does fully support .obj format (at least with less bugs than the collada or wrl formats).

If you insist in using .dae and Blender 2.6x (or if ROS supports this much more than other 3D formats), then I would suggest that you convert the .dae into obj using the old blender 2.49b which might work, or using meshlab (but this is not also gauranteed as I also know that meshlab works and converts .obj and .mtl better than it does .wrl or .dae) and then try to open the .obj file in Blender 2.6x (if you insist in using Blender 2.6x).