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I'm not sure, what exactly you mean, but I think you are aiming at the fact that some packages only run on one ROS distribution.

There are some basic ways to fix that. You can check for the ROS version in the code and thus apply the right thing. This is obviously given that a certain required feature is in that release. However, especially for third party packages it's up to the maintainer to do so, so ROS can't really do more than enable these possibilities.

Packages that are released are compatible, so we are talking about packages currently under development, which usually run on a current ROS version. The aim is to have things like the API marked as stable (you can see that in that wiki) to ensure compatibility, but a package being developed doesn't give you these guarantees. That is the price you pay for getting new things as soon as they work. If you want compatibility, you need to take a stable subset.