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Good morning, I have figure it out what was the problem.

The robot_essentials.xacro file is correct. This was useful for cleaning up the robot_base.urdf.xacro.

In the robot_base.urdf.xacro I have to include the robot_essentials.xacro file, by adding this line as I have mentioned in the question:

<xacro:include filename="$(find robot_description)/urdf/robot_essentials.xacro"/>

Then when in the robot_base.urdf.xacro file I have used the macro for the wheel joint, I made a mistake in the last line:

<xacro:wheel_joint prefix="front_left" origin="0.220 0.250 0" />
<xacro:wheel_joint prefix="front_right" origin="0.220 -0.250 0" />
<xacro:wheel_joint prefix="rear_left" origin="-0.220 0.250 0" />
<xacro:wheel_joint prefix="rear_left" origin="-0.220 -0.250 0" />

I should have to replace the last line with the following line:

<xacro:wheel_joint prefix="rear_right" origin="-0.220 -0.250 0" />

After this modification I can launch the display.launch file in the embedded urdf_tutorial package. The robot is shown in rviz correctly.

Thank you