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To start with, I suggest to go over the Jackal tutorials:

Clearpath also offers a GPS Navigation package:

Finally for GPS Waypoint navigation I recommend Nick Charron Husky tutorial that can be adapted to Jackal:

The outdoor navigation package offers:

  • gps_waypoint to read the waypoint file, convert waypoints to points in the map frame and then send the goals to move_base

    • gps_waypoint_continuous1 and gps_waypoint_continuous2 for continuous navigation between waypoints using two seperate controllers

    • collect_gps_waypoint to allow the user to drive the robot around and collect their own waypoints

    • calibrate_heading to set the heading of the robot at startup and fix issues with poor magnetometer data

    • plot_gps_waypoints to save raw data from the GPS for plotting purposes

    • gps_waypoint_mapping to combine waypoint navigation with Mandala Robotics' 3D mapping software for autonomous 3D mapping