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Here to send the solution for some users that faced the same issue.

The tutorials that I have followed and described above in my question are WRONG! If you launch the costmap_generator through the runtime manager or terminal, the occupancy grid map will not be generated or very very rarely....

To fix this there are 2 options:

1). Using Run-time Manager: on Computing Tab click over app option in costmap_generator, scroll down until you find the Lanelet2 checkbox option at the left bottom. CHECK this box ✔️

2) Inside the docker, using a new terminal launch: roslaunch costmap_generator costmap_generator_lanelet2.launch Ok now the costmap_generator will generate the occupancy_grid_map

3) Just Pay attention that you must check the ray_ground filter or compare_map_filter on Sensing Tab

However this will not help as the A* keeps not avoiding and crashing the Obstacle, as described in my issue:

If someone fix this A* please let me know