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Hi, I've been researching relations between map size and memory usage and there is definitely a limitation. Im using the AMCL particle filter to localize a robot in a map. I'm not sure how AMCL handles the map information or if its even the right process to look at but I can see a clear tendency while trying with different map sizes.

I got something like this: Free memory (total 8GB) AMCL map_server Mapsize 1,98GB 1231MB 524MB 292MB 4,50GB 446MB 118MB 26MB 4,87GB 142MB 0,075MB 3,1MB

the 292MB-map is the same map as the 26MB but with bigger canvas size (lots of gray empty space outside the map).

I can give you the map I used if you got some place to upload it to. Its recorded in a mall but its a lot of galss of which the laser doesn't reflect on, so the map is a bit messy.

I hope this can be useful for you! Please share if you come to any more conclusions!