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So the error states that /home/dreenot/simulation_ws/src/sicktoolbox/include is specified somewhere as an include directory. However, the error also states that the directory does not exist on your computer.

Step 1 would be to check if this is indeed the case. If you look at the repo (on the link you posted) you can see that there should be an include folder in the repository. However, for some reason you don't seem to have that one. Maybe something went wrong when you cloned it?

Something I noticed as well, is that in your link, they tell you to clone the sicktoolbox from

However, that seems to be a fork from another repo:

I am not sure why they tell you to clone the fork instead. You might want to remove the sicktoolbox folder and clone the second one that I posted, to see if that works.

Another small note, the sick toolbox does not seem to exist for anything newer than ROS Indigo. This does not necessarily mean you won't be able to build it. However, do keep that in mind. This error on the other hand, should not depend on that.