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"Food for thought, the IMU as far as I understand is used by the navsat transform node only to initialize the global coordinate frame. Each time you start the experiment the coordinate of your global frame will be at a different location centered on where robot 1 was when you started the experiment. If I were you, even though you are in simulation and the IMU is probably giving you good data, I would use a static datum. This will mean that the map origin will be in the same location every time, and if you use the same static datum for both vehicles then they will be essentially in the same global coordinate frame which will make interpreting your experiments much easier.

If you do that I think it might make understanding the rest of your problem easier. Problems with initialization of the global coordinate frame, and the noise inherent to IMUs has made me loose some sleep in the past. Interested to hear your thoughts/results!"

See comments for full context.