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Hi @venkatesh,

Ideally what you want to use is a LTS (Long Term Support) distribution with stable environment. You can use ROS2 but it is a work in progress and some things may not be too stable. For this reason I would recommend you to use the latest distribution of ROS1 like Melodic (with Ubuntu 18.04) or Noetic (with Ubuntu 20.04). When working with a simulated environment you can find plenty of possibilities but for ROS in particular you can check Gazebo that is already installed with the desktop installation of ROS and is very complete and compatible with the framework.

On the other hand, I cannot ensure the retrocompatibility of older robot models with the new distribution but generally speaking, since they are build with the standard, URDF, you should be able to use them with Xacro in new distributions without problems. Depending on the type of robot you want to simulate you can generate your own description, based on the already made descriptions or use one available form official and github repositories. Like amr_urdf or the description from turtlebot.

Hope this help you.