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Hey! Does this board provide a 2cm precision from GPS? It may need a very ideal environment for that. An advice (and I hope I'm wrong): don't get impressed about such information and expected for much lower precision (as you have already experienced). rs.

About your main question... I can't imagine a trivial answer for such a complex inquiry. If I understood right, this LED2 already processes a SLAM system and outputs the odometry information, right? You said you're working with LED2, and according to the StereoLabs website, the SLAM system considers both visual and IMU information, which means that the unique fusion still not applied is with this GPS information. Do you intend to do this fusion in order to achieve a higher precision?

I'm not sure with this is the case, but this paper made a fusion with ORB-SLAM2 and GPS, not to get higher precision, but to global mapping and reuse of maps. In there, they explained the way they fusion such information. Maybe can be useful for you.