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With rtabmap.launch, when we set compressed:=true, we use relays to subscribe to compressed topics from remote computer. We use relays because in rtabmap.launch, there are many nodes that would subscribe to image topics. The idea behind a relay is to stream one time the compressed topics between the computers, then on remote computer all nodes needing those images should subscribe on the local relay. You can look at this tutorial:

Without using relays, if you have many nodes subscribing to compressed image topics (including RVIZ!), the images, even compressed, will be streamed multiple times for each node, multiplying the bandwidth usage.

To debug this, first check if the topics are received on remote computer: rostopic hz /t265/odom/sample \ /d400/color/image_raw_relay \ /d400/aligned_depth_to_color/image_raw_relay \ /d400/color/camera_info

If the relay topics are not published, check the input topics of the relays publishing them. Use rqt_graph to see how all nodes are connected.