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@luna, unfortunately that is the normal behaviour of Gazebo and other similar simulation enviroments. The way Gazebo and ODE works let the simulation to be unnacurate over time. The more time passed the more inaccurate Gazebo calculations are, but that is something inherent to the Simulation.

What you can do is to adjust the physics and physics engine params to test how you can improve over time the simulation. I am refering particularly to the SDF physics params ERP and CFM that are direcly related to the kd and kp params and are used to enhance the performance and stability of the simulation. And, on the other hand, you can try to adjust the SDF physics engine params, if you used ODE as the physics engine I am refering particularly to the min_step_size and the iters params, which you can increase to enhance the computations accuracy in detriment of the simulation performance (or the needed resources).

Those params can help you to achieve better results on the simulation, but as I said the more time the simulation is working the more unstable it will be due to the error accumulation on the different computations done in simulation time.

Hope that can help you with this problem.