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I see a bunch of issues:

  1. The linear acceleration on your IMU is reading -9.81 m/s^2, and you have it reporting in base_link. If an IMU in mounted neutrally, then its linear acceleration should read +9.81 m/s^2. I'm guessing your IMU is reporting things in NED frame.
  2. You IMU has no covariance values specified, except for a -1.0 in its roll value.
  3. Your topics are formatted strangely. For example, you have odom0: /odom/. That should be odom0: /odom.
  4. You have two_d_mode set to false, which means you are telling the filter that your robot operates in 3D. But you aren't fusing any 3D variables. The filter won't like that. If your robot is an outdoor robot and climbs up hills, then you need to fuse in some orientation (or orientation velocity) as well as Z velocity from your wheel odom (just leave it at 0). If your robot operates in a plane, then turn on two_d_mode.

The parameters relating to tf publication look fine.

Many of these issues would be caught by reading the wiki. Might want to have a read through.