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Hello @M.Redel, be sure to check out this code from the navigation2 repo:

Here is also a tutorial to get started with navigation on a real robot:

Be sure that your robot qualifies for creating a map (with i.e. a Lidar scanner) where it can be localized in. Otherwise the navigation stack cannot help you navigate your robot 1 meter. It needs to constantly check if your robot moves even the tiniest bit, in order to validate that your robot is on track towards its goal. Therefor, it needs constant input from your wheels (odom) and optional additional sensors like IMU and Lidar. External sensors can also be integrated, typical all achieved with a Extended Kalman Filter. When you successfully provide a good localization of your robot for your map or even world, than navigation2 can help you to drive 1 meter respectively to your initial pose.

Please update your question with more information about your application, so we can help you better to achieve your goal.