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Here is what I see. You put a spin at the end of your constructor. Spin never returns. So when you get a destination on the topic, your callback will run and setup the variables. Then nothing. You'll be stuck at the end of your constructor.

Your callback should send the goal so move most your go_to code into the callback.

In general the code needs a bit more thought on flow control. But you can work through that once it is sending the commands.

When asking questions, tell us what is or isn't happening. Is the subscriber parse_asr_result callback being called? Is the simple goal being published? Do you get an error?

I don't see any debugging print or log statements that indicate you're probing to learn about how the program is flowing or not flowing. All of that will help you understand, and will help us help you get it running.

I don't understand why you have that rospy.signal_shutdown("Restarting nav node") bit in there.