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It is working OK on most of my machines in both melodic or kinetic. On one machine it continues to fail. I built in a catkin workspace to inspect all files. In the file this line below generates a python error. It says there isn't any to convert int() I tried changing to float. forcing it by the comment eliminates the python error, but the roslaunch still generates errors, and the ports do not allow connections. At this point I am wondering if it is some kind off ssl blocking on this machine.

address = rospy.get_param('~address', "")

---> external_port = int(rospy.get_param('~websocket_external_port', port)) <--------- external_port = int(9090) RosbridgeWebSocket.client_manager = ClientManager()

This isn't a major problem for me, just an interesting exercise in trying to figure out why some things fail;-)