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Hi @salvatoresan

I haven't worked with Carla Simulator. But here is how you can create a point cloud map using Autoware. I am assuming that you are having a rosbag file of lidar data.

  1. First open the simulation tab in ARM and load your .bag file. Wait for the .bag file to load. Hit play and pause immediately after that.
  2. Now go to setup tab and load TF and Vehicle Model (click on those buttons until they turn blue).
  3. Go to computing tab and select ndt_map.
  4. Go back to simulation and hit pause now. You should see the ndt_computing in the terminal.
  5. Wait for all the points to be processed. You could see something like this with Processed/Input.

    Sequence number: 7376 Number of scan points: 22288 points. Number of filtered scan points: 4246 points. transformed_scan_ptr: 22288 points. map: 18588276 points. NDT has converged: 1 Fitness score: 0.0252884 Number of iteration: 3 (x,y,z,roll,pitch,yaw): (182.032, -10.058, 6.93801, -0.0725078, 0.0687478, -3.0697) Transformation Matrix: -0.995061 0.076609 -0.0631322 180.712 -0.0716644 -0.994438 -0.0771788 -10.2983 -0.0686937 -0.0722732 0.995016 8.84561 0 0 0 1 shift: 1.07927

  6. Once you see that all the points are processed, go back to computing tab and click on [app] beside ndt_map.

  7. Select your .pcd output file location and click on 'PCD OUTPUT' button.

  8. Wait for a while until .pcd file is ready.

  9. Boom, you have your pcd file.

Please let me know if you have any questions!