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Generally, logs will be created in ~/.ros/log. Each of the folders in there corresponds to one session. (each time you started a roscore, either manually or with roslaunch) At the start of the session, the path will be displayed which will look something like this:

... logging to /home/USER/.ros/log/ad10d67c-6219-11ea-a8a8-207918a17840/roslaunch-host-2444.log

In this folder, (here ~/.ros/log/ad10d67c-6219-11ea-a8a8-207918a17840) every node will get a file produced by the logging macros in the sources. But there will also be a floder ~/.ros/log/latest, containing the logs from the last session. It is actually a symlink, you can use it to check, which one was the last session with ls -l ~/.ros/log/latest.