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The quick fix for your problem is to install the package libjpeg-dev

However finding, installing and compiling packages one by one is not a very sustainable workflow for large projects.

Unfortunately for you, you are using a non supported platform (there are currently no version of ROS running on Debian Buster) which is why you cannot find the packages and have to build them from source.

Cloning and building packages and their dependencies by hand can be very tedious. Fortunately ROS provide many tools to help you with that. This will allow you to find the github repositories you need, clone them, installing their dependencies, build them in the right order.

How did you install ROS in the first place? from source?

If you followed a tutorial like, you can use the exact same workflow to build any set of ROS packages on top:

0) create a workspace:

mkdir ~/libuvc_camera_ws && cd ~/libuvc_camera_ws

1) use rosinstall_generator to generate the list of repositories to clone

source <YOUR_ROS_INSTALLATION>/setup.bash
rosinstall_generator libuvc_camera --rosdistro melodic --deps --tar --exclude RPP > libuvc_camera.rosinstall

2) use wstool to download all the packages to build

wstool init -j8 src libuvc_camera.rosinstall

3) use rosdep to install the dependencies

rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src --rosdistro melodic -y

4) use catkin_make_isolated to build the workspace

catkin_make_isolated --install