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This is an old post but for anyone may looking for it:

Tuning Hector is related to the movement of the LiDAR sensor, the resolution of the LiDAR and sometimes the environment.

Typically, I feel that if LiDAR is not fixed on a moving platform or if the platform is moving brutally, you need to watch carefully with the laser_max_dist and laser_min_dist as well as update_factor_free and update_factor_free. You need to think about how many points you need to include in each scan and if they are in a valid sweep at all.

Sometimes map_resolution helps too if you know the feature of your environment. lower it to a reasonable size definitely contribute to the processing speed. you can pair it with map_size to manage the total map size yet still remain reasonable features.

In case you find your mapping twisted or kidnapped when the pose turning, then play with map_update_angle_thresh and map_update_distance_thresh.

after all, map_multi_res_levels is the key if your system poses joggling back and forth. but I feel you should not go more than 3.