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You're very close. As there is currently no helper in rclpy, the "easier" might be to use only rcl_interfaces type for now to avoid confusion

The 'parameters' field must be a set or sequence and each value of type 'Parameter'

This means that you need to pass a rcl_interfaces.msg.Parameter to this function.

Then I kept trying, used ParameterValue, like this:

That's the way to go. On top of defining the value, the type of the parameter needs to be set, as it is not detected automatically

Parameter(name='parameter_1', value=ParameterValue(integer_value=3, type=ParameterType.PARAMETER_INTEGER))

The send_request function will look like this:

def send_request(self):
    new_param_value = ParameterValue(type=ParameterType.PARAMETER_INTEGER, integer_value=13)
    self.req.parameters = [Parameter(name='parameter_1', value=new_param_value)]
    self.future = self.cli.call_async(self.req)

Note that you'll need to import ParameterType from rcl_interfaces.msg at the top of your file.