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After spent some more time around this I found that my test procedure was wrong.

Long story. I print all the bytes in the hard-coded string and in the message topic and found that the /xE3 for instance have a different representation. Then i start to code to unescape the topic message and convert it to the same number of bytes and values the hard-coded representation have. In the middle of the changes needed to do it, suddenly, I have seen the light!! :)

So... just build a launch file and remap the output topic to the same of the input topic. So i didn't need to copy past the message from one topic and publish in the other, as i did in all the former tests. The light was true. It work well. The real problem was my rush to test it, so i took a quick rood (copy/paste) and get lost.

My problem is solve, and to be true it was never a real problem. Only a mistake. But if happens to some one. Be advised. Test the nodes with utf8 messages with no english text by publishing directly, dont copy / paste between topics.