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The following works for me in a ros:melodic Docker image (docker run -it --rm ros:melodic):

# activate main ROS install
source /opt/ros/melodic/setup.bash

# update local indices
sudo apt update
rosdep update

# catkin-tools supports workspaces with 'mixed' build types, (ie:
# catkin and non-catkin packages). We could also use catkin_make_isolated.
sudo apt install python-catkin-tools

# create workspace (skip if you already have one)
mkdir -p $HOME/catkin_ws/src
cd $HOME/catkin_ws

# clone all sources
git clone src/csm
git clone src/scan_tools

# install all dependencies (note: not adding '-y' here, so you'll have to
# accept all installation commands manually)
rosdep install --from-paths $HOME/catkin_ws/src --ignore-src

# build the workspace (or: catkin_make_isolated)
catkin build

# activate the workspace
source devel/setup.bash

at this point you should be able to use the packages from ccny-ros-pkg/scan_tools.

Inspired by the comments on ccny-ros-pkg/scan_tools#63.