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What happens is that Rviz warns me that RobotModel can't be shown because the parameter robot_description doesn't seem to exist.

It doesn't, does it? There's only robot_1/robot_description and robot_2/robot_description.

I checked if the TF tree was correct, and in fact it is: I won't post it because it would make this question too long, but from the /map root frame there are two tfs to robot_1/odom and robot_2/odom, which are then connected to their respective base_link and all the robot sensors.

The error RViz returns to you is (most likely) not about TF, but about the actual parameter.

Moreover, running rosparam list shows that both the robot_descriptions parameters exist under their respective namespaces, being robot_1 and robot_2, and they are non-null, being in fact the XML representation of the robot.

Yes, but again: there is no robot_description in the global namespace, only in the robot_1 and robot_2 namespaces.

The last .launch file you show appears to start rviz in the global namespace, which is where RViz will look for robot_description. It won't look in any child namespaces.

You can probably make things work by configuring the RobotModel display with the robot_1 or robot_2 namespaces. That would allow you to visualise a single robot model. For multiple robots, you'd add multiple RobotModel displays, each with their own parameter configured.