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Hello all, the problem solved. I think my problem was not related to the robot or the navigation stack themselves but it is related to the environment where I am executing the navigation. That means big environments or long corridors without distinguishable landmarks or with only a few of them will lead to a bad localization of the robot (the robot actually loses its pose within the environment). And the solutions to this problem in my opinion are: 1- Once the robot loses its pose we should help it by giving it its actual pose using "pose estimation in Rviz". 2- trying the do the navigation properly or in a smart way by driving the robot to the wanted goal in such a way it has always some special landmarks in its way to the goal 3- If we want to build our environment for doing SLAM and navigation we should be aware to use many landmarks and they should not be the identic in the shape or specification that means to make a distinguishable environment (in the robot point of view) as possible as we can