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There is an error where you are defining your target pose:

geometry_msgs::Pose target_pose;
target_pose.orientation.w = 0.646470940769;
target_pose.position.x = -0.285039418823;
target_pose.position.y = -0.128284967952;
target_pose.position.z = 1.10245513838;

The target pose needs a fully defined position and orientation in 3D space. This includes a 3 dimensional position and a 4 dimensional quaternion. You're correctly setting the position but only setting 1 of the 4 quaternion elements, this will probably result in an invalid quaternion which in turn means no IK solution can be found. You'll need to fully define the orientation of your end effector to be able to plan a movement.

Do you see any errors messages that MoveIt produces on the command line?