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I simply went on with the install, installing packages as needed when compilation failed. rosdep doesn't have files in Fuerte yet for the debian squeeze packages. I had an Electric install before this one so I just assumed that I had some of these packages. In the short future, I'll probably file a bug which includes a reasonable rosdep.yaml file.

Some of the ones here are obvious, but pcl and flann I had to compile from the sources. They are available at - you clone the repository you need and then you can install the build dependencies for the package.

For each of the two (I installed flann first, because it was needed for pcl):

  1. git clone
  2. Remove "unneeded" dependencies from debian/control Build-Dependencies (the ones that start with ros- are the only ones I removed)
  3. dpkg-source --commit (to commit the "extra files" that are there)
  4. git-buildpackage -us -uc --git-ignore-new
  5. dpkg -i ../*.deb

There were other small hurdles as well, but they are less of an issue than these two libraries which are custom installed.