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There are two things I recommend:

  1. Use vel_pose_connect to relay the topic /ndt_pose as /current_pose and your vehicle's current velocity from /vehicle/twist to /current_velocity. See the launch file below for this.
  2. Provide an initial pose using RViz. To do this, open RViz and center on the map frame. Find your approximate location in the PCD map and click the "2D Pose Estimate" button at the top, and then click and drag from your current location on the map in the direction that the vehicle is facing.

Example vel_pose_connect launch:

<include file="$(find autoware_connector)/launch/vel_pose_connect.launch">
  <arg name="topic_pose_stamped" value="/ndt_pose" />
  <arg name="topic_twist_stamped" value="/vehicle/twist" />

The /current_pose is used in several nodes and Autoware doesn't make an assumption about which localizer you're using to output the current pose so it requires you to either remap or republish the /ndt_pose output from the NDT matching to the /current_pose topic. The vel_pose_connect launch script does this.