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Thanks guys I solved my problem as @gvdhoorn suggested I looked in qbotics/mastering_ros/issues...they had updated the code which was with some issues....the file is provided here in:

However the code also were not working well... the following error RAMAINED:

"/home/marcus/catkin_ws/src/moveit_simple_grasps/include/moveit_simple_grasps/custom_environment2.h:78:78: error: no matching function for call to ‘mo tools_->publishCollisionWall(-0.55, 0, 0, 2.2, WALL1_NAME); // back"

Well this error I a double argument in tha matrix position 5 (WALL_NAME) this place the source code in "user/opt/ros/kinetic/inculde/moveitvisualtools/moveitvisualtools.h" it is asked to enter with 7 arguments the first 5 arguments are double (pose and dimensions of the object = collisiowalll) and the last 2 are the name (wall1_name or other) and the color of the object in RVIZ (GREEN for example).... so I added a float argument in the cell it was named with a this: publishCollisionWall (-0.55,0,0,2.2,1.5,WALL1_NAME, rvt::GREEN) and it worked!

Where rvt is ...

namespace rvt = rviz_visual_tools

I would like to close this question.