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It looks like your covariance matrices are all zeros. Robot localization requires that all the data you feed into it has reasonable covariance values.

From the robot localization docs common errors section:

Missing covariances. If you have configured a given sensor to fuse a given variable into the state estimation node, then the variance for that value (i.e., the covariance matrix value at position (i,i) ( i , i ) , where i i is the index of that variable) should not be 0 0 . If a 0 0 variance value is encountered for a variable that is being fused, the state estimation nodes will add a small epsilon value (1eāˆ’6 1 e āˆ’ 6 ) to that value. A better solution is for users to set covariances appropriately.

I would recommend you estimate your covariances and tack them on when you generate your message (or make a republisher that does it).

Hope that helps!