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I believe you are asking two questions here:

#1. How to build a ROS package/stack - You are correct that your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH needs to be updated to include the location where you placed ROS-Industrial. It should looks something like:

ROS_PACKAGE_PATH=<ros-industrial path="">:~/ros_workspace:/opt/ros/electric/stacks:$ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. Once this is set you should be able to run rosmake from the stack of interest.

#2. How to build the server application (which resides on the Motoman controller) - This requires MotoPlus and associated documentation. This is available from Motoman. This part should make more sense when you get familiar with MotoPlus.

FYI...It appears you are using ROS Electric. Some parts of ROS-Industrial rely on Fuerte functionality. I suggest you upgrade ( )