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If still an issue (almost 3 years now!), following are the steps:

$ roscd dynamixel_motor && cd ../dynamixel_driver/scripts

This command is just to navigate to the relevant ROS package.

$ python --port=[your_port_connection] old_id new_id

This script changes the ID value of the motor.

By default, all new motors are shipped with ID = 1.

USAGE: If your motor was connected to port '/dev/ttyACM0', and you wish to change the ID from default(1) to 2, then execute the following script:

$ roscd dynamixel_motor && cd ../dynamixel_driver/scripts

$ python --port=/dev/ttyACM0 1 2

You can connect your dynamixel to a PC, check the port it is connected to by running:

$ lsusb

Additionally, a 12V power supply is recommended on ROBOTIS' website.