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I don't think you actually need to "recompile with -fPIC", as the error suggests. (It suggests that you recompile libboost_python.a, but you probably got that library from a precompiled package).

It looks like the linking step for is trying to create a dynamically linked library, but is linking in a static library: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-redhat-linux/8/../../../../lib64/libboost_python.a that can't be used to create a dynamic library. I would focus my debugging effort on determining if there is dynamic version (.so instead of .a) of that library installed, or if there is a Fedora package that you can install for it. If there's a package that isn't installed, I would try installing it (and then clean your workspace and retry the build from the beginning). If the dynamic library is already installed, or installing it doesn't help, I would go through the cmake documentation to figure out why it was trying to link against the static version instead of the dynamic version.