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I'm by no means an authoritative source for this, but "ROS Answers" (ie: this site) is an instance of something called Askbot, which is a platform for "Q&A sites". "Q&A" is short for: Question & Answer, which is the type of interaction we have here on ROS Answers.

So the name would suggest that this is the place to get answers to questions about ROS (ie: "the Answers site for ROS").

I guess it could have been named "ROS Questions", but that might not be a good name from an English language perspective, as it would imply that there are mostly questions here (which may be seen as something negative) while a site that provides answers would seem to be more valuable.

As to the domain name: I believe that follows logically from the "ROS Answers" name:

Note btw: does exist. It directly forwards to though.