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You just have to define the arg in both launch files since you could be able to launch global_config without the master. By definning the arg in all the launch files, you still have the possibility to launch them individually (i.e. standalone). I would also advise to add a default value to avoid typing arguments if they are not changing too often :

  • master.launch :

    <arg name="rosbag_name" default="a_default_bag_file.bag" />  
    <include file="$(find neuromorphic_stereo)/launch/global_config.launch">  
        <arg name="rosbag_name" value="$(arg rosbag_name)" />  
  • global_config.launch :

    <arg name="rosbag_name" default="a_default_bag_file.bag" /> 
    <node pkg="rosbag" type="play" name="event_publisher" args="$(find neuromorphic_stereo)/rosbag_simulator/$(arg rosbag_name)_merged.bag" required="true" />