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I got the solution in the last version of the realsense2_camera.

The following configuration should be defined in order to achieve the PointCloud withou RGB:

<!-- Intel Realsense D435 driver -->
<include file="$(find realsense2_camera)/launch/rs_camera.launch">
<arg name="pointcloud_texture_stream" default="RS2_STREAM_ANY"/>  
<arg name="enable_pointcloud"         default="true"/>
<arg name="enable_color"        default="false"/>
<arg name="enable_depth"        default="true"/>
<arg name="enable_infra2"        default="false"/>
<arg name="enable_infra1"        default="false"/>
<arg name="align_depth"         default="false"/>
<arg name="depth_width"         default="640"/>
<arg name="depth_height"        default="480"/>

Unfortunately the current version does not support the RS2_STREAM_DEPTH therefore the result is not the same as I wished cause when you choose the RS2_STREAM_ANY the PointCloud will have more than twice of Points which leads to have even a higher CPU consumption with respect to the PointCloud with RGB.