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I figured it out, the line

tf.ExtrapolationException: Lookup would require extrapolation into the past. Requested time 431.621000000 but the earliest data is at time 431.960000000, when looking up transform from frame [/r_wrist_roll_link] to frame [/base_link]

was causing the error, and I fixed it using the suggestion here where the steps they outlined were:

I ran into this even though I am running a native Ubuntu install. This can be fixed by adding a wait to the start of the call to return_cartesian_pose:

roscd pr2_object_manipulation cd manipulation cd pr2_gripper_reactive_approach cd src cd pr2_gripper_reactive_approach sudo gedit

Around line 1430, there is the line: (trans, rot) = self.tf_listener.lookupTransform(frame, >self.whicharm+'_wrist_roll_link', rospy.Time(0))

Above this add: rospy.sleep(0.5)

Save, and make the package again rosmake pr2_object_manipulation

Since there's a sleep every time that method is called, the simulation will be a little slower. You can adjust the wait duration to be just larger than the delay that you see on your machine. 0.5 works for me most of the time.

This worked for me, however I also had to edit around line 35

self.papm.call_tabletop_detection(take_static_collision_map = 1, update_table = 1, clear_attached_objects = 1)

should be

self.papm.call_tabletop_detection(update_table = 1, clear_attached_objects = 1)