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You can use rostopic hz <topic name=""> to find out the rate that messages are being published, it's possible that publishing a 160MB point cloud cannot be done at 5 hz. This will tell you if the speed is being limited by the message passing system or the rendering in RVIZ.

Regarding RVIZ what visualisation style have you got selected for the point cloud? Anything other than points will be slowing things down considerably, spheres for example will be trying to render many triangles for each of the 8 million points. Even the flat squares option will be rendering 16 million triangles.

Another thing you can try is to adjust the number of points you're publishing an visualising, start lower and increase it to find out if there is a cliff edge in the performance where the speed suddenly drops off above a certain size. This will give you some clues as to what's slowing this down.

Hope this helps.