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@zzz hello, I guess you didn't change anything in the ompl_planning.yaml, so no real need to paste it. But in your controller.yaml you have some mistakes. You have a namespace problem I think. If in your bringup.launch file you named your namespace group like this:

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      group ns="left" and group ns="right"

Then you ur_driver will generate topics like "/left/folow_joint_trajectory" and "/right/follow_joint_trajectory" and in your controller_list you have different names (ur5/follow_joint_trajectory), so the ur_driver can never find the controllers because it's excepted another names. So i sugegest you to modify the name and the action_key of your controller.yaml like below, to make them communicate in your namespaces:

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       -name: ""  
          action_ns: right/follow_joint_trajectory 
          (No change for the rest)
       -name: ""
          action_ns: left/follow_joint_trajectory
           (no change for the rest)